Apj shipping fleet


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apj shipping fleet

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apj shipping fleet

Belgian tanker operator Euronav said it has reached a deal to acquire two Suezmax tankers currently under construction at…. A Valaris drillship went adrift on Tuesday evening, breaking free from moorings near the port at Hunterston, North Ayrshire…. An year-old passenger ship, out of commission due to the coronavirus pandemic, was repurposed on Tuesday as a COVID….

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Maritime Reporter E-News is the maritime industry's largest circulation and most authoritative ENews Service, delivered to your Email five times per week. A leading Indian ship-owner, Apeejay Shipping Limited is cautiously optimistic about domestic and international demand prospects.

Both acquisitions are strategic buys for the company as it focusses on continuous growth and further enhancement to its fleet in the coming few months.

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Apeejay Shipping adds new ship to its fleet

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Abc Large. A leading Indian ship-owner, Apeejay Shipping Limited is cautiously optimistic about domestic and international demand prospects. Both acquisitions are strategic buys for the company as it focusses on continuous growth and further enhancement to its fleet in the coming few months. Browse Companies:.Amongst India's largest privately owned shipping companies established in Experience, expertise, world-class service spanning 6 decades.

A team of dedicated professionals both afloat and ashore. An ISO company. Approved by IRQS. Safety, quality, efficiency and commitment remain the cornerstones of our operations.

Satisfied customers are our reward. Chief Operating Officer Capt. Ranganathan Narasimhan. In his long and distinguished career as a civil servant, Mr Rath has held several important posts under the Government of India such as Secretary to the Government of India, before retiring as Chief Secretary to the Government of Odisha.

Post retirement, he founded the Orissa Maritime Academy, a premier institute for training seamen, at Paradip, Odisha. A Post Graduate in English Literature from Ravenshaw College, Odisha, Mr Rath is also one of the most renowned modernist poets of Oriya literature and has been honoured with several awards for his writings. In Februaryhe was awarded a fellowship by the Central Sahitya Akademi, the fifth Oriya writer to be honoured so far.

Inhe was conferred the Honorary Doctorate Degree — D. In the same year he received Distinguished Alumnus Award from his Alma Mater, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta making him one of the first recipients of this award. In at the Sailors Today Award ceremony he was conferred with the prestigious Life-Time Achievement award for his outstanding contributions to the Shipping Industry for last four decades.

A master mariner with over 25 years of experience in shipping industry, Capt Narasimhan has sailed on various kinds of vessels such as bulk carriers, product tankers and chemical tankers and worked with Poompuhar Shipping Corporation, Sanmar Shipping Ltd and Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, where he has also looked after the training and audit of the company.

An avid reader, he loves watching Hollywood movies, teaching, playing table tennis and is a fan of the shorter formats of the game of cricket. About Us Amongst India's largest privately owned shipping companies established in Chairman inaugurates International Shipping Conference Watch video.

Ocean freight rate shoots up. Amongst India's largest privately owned shipping companies established in Experience, expertise, world-class service spanning 6 decades.

An ISO company. Approved by IRQS. Read More The objective of Apeejay Shipping Limited is to operate all vessels in the fleet in a manner which ensure safety at sea, prevention of injury or loss of life, avoidance of damage to the marine environment and property.

In order to achieve the above objectives the company has adopted a Safety Management System that seeks to ensure: That applicable mandatory rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards recommended by IMO, relevant Flag States, Classification Societies and maritime industry organisations are taken into account. Locations Kolkata -Registered Office. Apeejay Shipping Limited. Apeejay House, 15 Park Street. About Us Amongst India's largest privately owned shipping companies established in Caution Notice For Job Seekers.We're a family-run business offering repairs, servicing, and MOT testing in the Fleet area.

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Apeejay Shipping Adds New Vessel to its Fleet

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apj shipping fleet

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apj shipping fleet

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