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Can Non-Duality Cure OCD? Reddit question answered

Up Next. While Captain Slow's AMA was interrupted by some random event in his life he mentioned a nurse or something like thatthe adventure did make for slime-inducing reading material. While you can find the full 6,comment shenanigan herewe'd like to give you the pieces that tickled our funny bone.

Out of all the people with active Reddit accounts, somebody had to ask James May about the cars that currently occupy his garage. The last member of May's rear-wheel-drive collection has to do with another question he answered during the session, namely the obvious HHHT Hybrid Hypercar Holy Trinity choice. However, such bits of info are always nice to refresh and while we're at it, you can find his LaF review at the bottom of the page.

The aptly-named show, whose trailer we've placed below, shows that, while we're all good at taking things apart, James May has demonstrated his skill when it comes to putting them back together.

The show will see our man reassembling a petrol lawn mower, an old telephone, as well as an electric guitar.

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He can't let OCD take over by turning to cleaning or restomoding, though. Judging by the trailer, watching the production has an overly calming effect.

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However, when May set out to talk about the BBC4 adventure online, little did he know that Redditors are Redditors, so the usual oddball questions didn't fail to arrive. This is how we found out he would rather live with Hammond than Clarkson, since Richard "takes up less space, so the house would seem bigger. Latest car models:. You will only receive our top stories, typically no more than 5 per day yes no.By: V. BecknerPosted on: October 5, This excerpt was taken from the article Obsessive—Compulsive Disorder by V.

Patients suffering from obsessive—compulsive disorder OCD experience a combination of anxiety-producing obsessive thought patterns and related compulsive behaviors designed to reduce the distress associated with the obsessions. Obsessions are recurrent thoughts, impulses, or images that are threatening because they are perceived as either unacceptable or leading to a dreaded outcome, and thus cause marked anxiety.

Multiple types of obsessions are found in most affected individuals and can change over time. Compulsions include behaviors e.

ocd reddit ama

This relief from the distress is highly reinforcing, resulting in the persistent use of compulsions. Compulsive behaviors are often repeated checking the stove 15 timesor have to be performed according to rules that must be applied rigidly a sterilization ritual for plates and silverware before meals. Done once, such behavior might seem reasonable; it is the repetitive, time-consuming, and rigid quality that distinguishes compulsions. Given no clear antidote to the vague threat, individuals may develop a ritualized compulsion aimed at neutralizing the obsession in some magical way.

Individuals with OCD generally have some degree of insight that their symptoms are excessive or unreasonable.

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Nonetheless, the disorder is time-consuming, distressing, and severely impairing within the realms of both social and occupational functioning. It is also associated with increased risk of suicide. The age of onset follows a bimodal distribution: early onset prepubescent, the majority of cases and late onset early 20s. It is important to distinguish OCD from worry, intrusive thoughts, and compulsions seen in everyday life. OCD obsessions are experienced as unwanted and anxiety-producing, whereas worry functions more as a mental coping strategy that provides a sense of control and preparation for a perceived future threat.

Intrusive thoughts i. Compulsive behaviors are also frequently seen in normal populations in the form of superstitious behavior and repetitive checking. The diagnosis of OCD is made only if they are time consuming or if they result in significant psychosocial impairment or distress.

17 things we learned from 'Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams' Reddit AMA

Dermatillomania skin picking and trichotillomania hair pulling have repetitive behaviors that may bring some anxiety relief, but they are neither triggered by obsessions nor have the magical or ritualistic quality of OCD compulsions. Although impulse-control disorders such as kleptomania, pyromania, and pathological gambling also have recurrent thoughts and behaviors that are difficult to resist, the drive tends to be more pleasure-seeking than distress reducing.

Schizophrenia is often characterized by strongly held beliefs that are clearly false delusions as well as by stereotyped behaviors. Individuals with OCD, however, generally show considerable insight into their symptoms. In major depression, the depressed individual may have distressing, repetitive thoughts, but these are rarely resisted, and are often focused on a past incident rather than on a current or future threat.

Although it has a similar name, obsessive—compulsive personality disorder is actually quite different from OCD. Obsessive—compulsive personality disorder does not involve obsessions or compulsions; rather, it is characterized by a pervasive pattern of maladaptive orderliness, perfectionism, and control. Other disorders may mimic OCD. Tics and stereotyped movements are similar to compulsions in their appearance but not in their function.In March, he took to Twitter to shed light on the stigmatization of antidepressants with a Tweet that was shared more than 5, times.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Thursday, Green answered a question about how he manages his anxiety disorder while doing press junkets. Most recently, he was on the road for Paper Townshis latest novel to be adapted into a movie.

James May Reddit AMA: Hammond, not Clarkson for Housemate; LaF over P1, 918

His answer to the question reveals the nuances of living with mental illness. In a word: Poorly. I have OCD and a lot of problems with anxiety. I know the benefits of exercise and meditation and medication and CBT strategies and etc. But I was very lucky to have Nat Wolff with me almost all the time. Nat is a very close friend of mine, and I also trust him a lot. Whenever I got overwhelmed, he would take most of that interview, or he would find ways to distract me.

But there were a few moments when panic just really took hold of me. There were a few moments like that, but mostly I was able to get through it. CBT refers to Cognitive Behavioral Therapya type of therapy that helps patients use creative methods to understand and work through emotional issues. Contact us at letters time. By Ashley Ross. Get The Brief. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

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Click the link to confirm your subscription and begin receiving our newsletters.John Green is dropping some real talk about what it's like to live in the spotlight with a mental illness. One user asked how he deals with his anxiety while appearing at press events for the screen adaptation of his novel Paper Towns. I know the benefits of exercise and meditation and medication and CBT strategies and etc.

Green attributed his ability to get through panic attacks and anxiety to "Paper Towns" star Nat Wolff. Wolff, who Green considers a good friend, would often step in to answer questions from reporters when Green would feel overwhelmed. I mean, I realize these are the first-worldiest problems possible; I'm just trying to be honest about my experience.

Fans praised Green for his candid honesty about the real challenges of anxiety, a condition that affects 40 million American adults. The author has also spoken out in the past about mental illness. Earlier this year, he addressed the stigma associated with treating disorders through medication on his Twitter account:. Like millions of others, I take medication to help treat my mental illness. Treating chronic medical conditions must not be stigmatized.

Green has also addressed the importance of getting help for mental health issues in previous Reddit AMAs.

Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with Dr. Margaret Grabb – NIMH’s Small Business Research Programs

Inone user asked the author for advice on how to deal with mental illnessto which the author offered yet another encouraging and honest response. It's a welcome conversation, considering negative stereotypes often prevent many people from seeking treatment. There is treatment ," he wrote. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Wellness. All rights reserved. Cooper Neill via Getty Images.Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy.

A new theory aims to make sense of it all. Verified by Psychology Today. Think Well. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD is a surprisingly common and potentially crippling anxiety disorder. Only 25 to 30 years ago, it was believed to be a rare psychiatric illness that affected only a small fraction of the population. Currently, however—owing partly to a growing awareness of effective therapies—OCD is now known to impact millions of Americans at any given time.

Left untreated, OCD can dramatically straight-jacket people's lives by encumbering them with relentless, irrational, horrific, intrusive thoughts and images obsessions and very time consuming, repetitive or elaborate, maladaptive behaviors compulsions.

Yet, as debilitating as it can be, OCD responds very well to non-medical, behavioral therapy e. In fact, neuroimaging studies have shown that CBT for OCD changes brain activity in the same way as medication but is more effective, has no risk of drug side-effects, and has a much lower relapse rate.

When properly done by a skilled therapist—and provided the OCD sufferer is highly motivated—as many as 80 percent of people can be significantly helped. In essence, as I tell my clients, ERP is simple but not easy. It's not complicated but it does require a tremendous amount of psychological effort. That's why motivation for change is one of the best predictors of success—doing ERP requires real grit. At their core, OCD behaviors are counterproductive efforts to increase or maintain a sense of safety when people feel threatened, at risk, or in danger.

But, ironically, the safety-seeking actions only lead to worsening anxiety because of what is called negative reinforcement not to be confused with punishment. In simplest terms, the maladaptive safety-seeking behaviors typical of OCD are avoidance, escape, and reassurance seeking:. Indeed, OCD is often referred to as "the doubting disease" because at its root are deep feelings of doubting some important aspect of safety i.

Hence, the OCD sufferer is "compelled" to reduce doubt and increase feelings that things are safe—but only worsens the illness by engaging in maladaptive rituals irrational or excessive safety seeking that negatively reinforce it.

ERP for OCD involves sufferers, and sometimes significant others, learning how not to enable OCD by often inadvertently feeding the illness with its three primary fuels i. The only way to beat OCD is by experiencing and psychologically processing triggered anxiety exposure until it resolves on its own— without trying to neutralize it with any safety-seeking action response or ritual prevention.

All OCD sufferers engage in some degree of anxiety strengthening, avoidance, escape, or reassurance seeking. Some do well with a gradual approach; this usually involves slowly ascending a hierarchy of anxiety-triggering situations, sort of like climbing a ladder rung by rung. Others do better with a much more aggressive, head-on ERP that confronts some of the most anxiety-provoking challenges right out of the gate. In either case, what is most crucial is that the OCD sufferer does not do any safety-seeking rituals i.

In some cases, the anxiety subsides rather quickly—within a matter of minutes—while in other cases it can persist much longer. As unpleasant as it is, the anxiety people feel when undergoing ERP is necessary for progress and improvement to occur. It should be interpreted as the brain trying to rebalance its chemistry and normalize its activity. If person with OCD simply—but again, not easily—stops avoiding anxiety triggers, refuses to escape from irrational anxiety by neutralizing it with a ritual, and resists the urge to seek reassurance, he or she will cut off the fuel that powers the OCD engine.

Eventually, like a car that runs out of gas, to a greater or lesser extent, the OCD will stop, too. The advertisements contained in this post do not necessarily reflect my opinions nor are they endorsed by me.

IOCDF Reddit AMA: Led by Denis Egan Stack, LMHC

This post is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

Heya Enrico, I understand what you want to express here. I know when we dont perform the rituals, we go into a sort of depression induced by anxiety. You are presented with a seemingly dangerous situation that you think is harmful.

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ocd reddit ama

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ocd reddit ama

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